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International brands turn to Fieldology to significantly maximise the effectiveness of their field activity. Our full software, hardware and bespoke services offer companies immedaite benefits over non dedicted solutions.

Ability to capture crucial data directly from on-site activity, keeping you informed and able to make decisions needed to influence business objectives.

Ability to direct field staff and change the operation on the fly providing real time instant control to change any part of the operation as needed.

Ability to report on collected data. Monitor ROI, data integration, dashboards, branded web and mobile portals, email reports, data exports, analytics.

Bespoke development and consultancy. Bringing over 20 years experience in field technology solutions to review, optimise and make dramatic operational and cost savings.

Providing the full software and hardware solution. We can provide the full solution to automating your field activity no matter the scale or geography.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive and seasonally driven market, Ferrero need to ensure that they maximise return on investment through each of their field sales teams across Grocery, Impulse and Route to Market. In order to do this they need to work with instant, targeted and actionable insight, enabling them to respond to store specific dynamics and to prioritise effectively by matching the appropriate resource with each opportunity.

The Solution

To ensure the field staff had the tools needed to follow out Ferrero’s plans, they were equipped with Samsung Galaxy tablets running Fusion Mobile, Fieldology’s Android data capture application. In addition to features such as instantly changeable questionnaires, photo and signature capture, question logic and data validation, the application has file support allowing the field staff to engage with the stores over highest priority objectives on a store by store basis. This ability to influence individual relationships whilst capturing actionable data gave Ferrero the solution they needed. In addition Ferrero benefited from secure web based reporting dashboards, drill through, galleries, exports and a suite of feature rich options for analysing the field activity.

The success of the technology has led to working on internal Ferrero projects to help drive efficiencies and transparency over other aspects of their business.

The Challenge

To deliver a field management and data capture solution to support the biggest brand launch in recent years into over 35,000 outlets around the UK. To be able to schedule over 400 field staff to perform site visits at extremely short notice, capturing photos, signatures and large quantities of critical data. To be able to monitor the compliance of the activity in real time and analyse the collected data to make decisions that would influence changes to the plan on a daily basis.

The Solution

Fusion, Fieldology’s field management, data capture and reporting platform was chosen due its established reputation, management flexibility, mobile data capture and integration with leading business intelligence tools. Fieldology provided the full end to end solution supplying 450 android smartphones, SIM cards and the Fusion Mobile offline data capture application for the field staff. The account managers used the Fusion web based management portal to administer the activity and THL received live reporting on the collected data direct from in-store. The success of the campaign lead to Fieldology developing a bespoke Point of Sale ordering system used by the THL call centre to take and process orders direct from the retailer stores.

The Challenge

With international perfume brands such as Pacco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Valentino and Prada Puig needed to monitor brand compliance across a number of high street retailers such as Boots and Superdrug at key selling times of the year. The compliance check included; SKU availability, planogram and promotional adherence, measure brand space, price and location of their SKUs in store. Plus to build a comprehensive photo gallery of compliant and non-compliant stores.

The Solution

The Fieldology Fusion field management and data capture platform was used to enable Puig to measure product availability, space, location, pricing, and promotional and change their collection requirements at a moments notice. The technology has been vital for Puig enabling them to monitor brand compliance and gain product insights in the High Street all via online reporting portal showing live data and galleries.

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